Preceded by Europe Ecologie-Les Verts to the Europeans and aware that the subject is becoming a major issue, The Republicans will seriously consider ecological questions, in particular via a "Tour de France of the environment".

Parliamentarians set up a task force on Wednesday to generate ideas.

Rhyme LR with green.

This is the great project that the party of the right wants to launch.

The training led by Christian Jacob launches next weekend a "Tour de France of the environment", and Wednesday morning, its parliamentarians set up a "task force" which must work on the subject, completely left fallow by the right in recent years.

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"Certainly we are late. But I say better late than never" 

To the Republicans, we like to recall the speech of Jacques Chirac in 2002 - "the house is on fire and we are looking elsewhere" - or the Grenelle of the environment launched in 2007 by Nicolas Sarkozy.

Except that since then, the right had rather shifted to the side "the environment is starting to do well", according to the little sentence launched by the same Nicolas Sarkozy in 2011. So for some party officials now, there is urgency.

"It is important that once again, we show that we can be on the right and defend a major ecological cause and even consider that the right-wing political project, its backbone and its common thread, must be the environmental question" , assures Europe 1 Damien Abad, patron of the Republicans deputies.

"Certainly we are late. But I say better late than never."

"The French are measuring to what extent there are dingoes of ecology here and there"

The ecologists in front of the European right and the green wave in the municipal are probably not for nothing in this reconversion.

The number 3 of the Aurélien Pradié party also sees in the controversies over the Tour de France or the Christmas trees with the mayors of Lyon and Bordeaux the opportunity to forge a path for LR.

"The French are measuring to what extent there are dingoes of ecology here and there", loose the deputy for Ain.

"I refuse to leave this essential subject to extremists. And I think the law has something responsible to say on the subject."

The right will therefore look for ideas in the coming months.

But in any case, Christian Jacob, the president of the Republicans, promises it: "we are greener than we think!"