At 8 pm, the Finnish Meteorological Institute issued a warning that the weather is becoming very dangerous in the coastal zone of the Gulf of Bothnia due to storm surges.

The warning ends with a direct command to move indoors.

About a quarter after the warning, Antti Flander, 42, filmed a video of the storm on the Raippaluoto bridge in Mustasaari.

Other people moved on the bridge to photograph the exceptionally strong Aila autumn storm, Flander says.

- The wind was strong and gusty.

On the bridge, the wind blew at 27 meters per second.

Yes it was probably over 30 meters per second somewhere.

The sea under the bridge looked like a river with hard currents, Flander describes.

After eight on the Raippaluoto bridge, the gauges read that the wind was blowing at 27 meters per second. Photo: Antti Flander

The landscape on the bridge looked strange compared to the ordinary, he says.

- I stood under the bridge against the wind.

Now there you can lean against the wind not to fall.

Meikäläinen is a hundred kilos, but yes it can be a pretty strong wind for a lighter person.

Along the way from the center of Vaasa to Raippaluoto, Flander saw fallen trees.

In the harbor styrofoam fish boxes flew in the wind.

- Flying objects can cause dangerous situations.

You should definitely stay indoors.

Under the bridge, the sea looked like a river, Antti Flander describes. Photo: Antti Flander

Flanders likes to describe nature and various natural phenomena.

The description of the storm was fun for him, but also difficult: it was difficult to keep the hand stable when the wind was so strong.

- You had to be careful with the wind all the time.

If you falter while walking, you may fall due to the force of the wind.

The storm wind blew the boys off the Raippaluoto bridge after nine in the evening. Photo: Rasmus Mustakallio

After nine in the evening, Rasmus Mustakallio, 16, walked on the same bridge with his friends.

The video filmed by Mustakallio shows how the storm is flying flying boys.

- I had to walk in the back cell.

As we jumped, the wind caught me so hard that we flew forward.

Yes, it felt pretty dangerous, but it wasn’t terribly bad, Mustakallio describes the storm.