Press conference at Prime Minister's Office [Updated from time to time] September 16 21:28

Prime Minister Kan attended the first press conference at 9 pm on the 16th.

The mission is to succeed the Abe administration

"As Chief Cabinet Secretary of the Second Abe Administration, Prime Minister Kan has been working on the important issues that will affect the future of this country, such as the revitalization of the Japanese economy, the reconstruction of diplomacy and security, and the realization of an all-generation social security system. Since entering this year, we have dealt head-on with situations that we have never experienced, such as the spread of the new coronavirus infection and the largest economic downturn after the war. "

On top of that, "This time, former Prime Minister Abe was retired in the middle of the road because of his illness. I guess the remorse of the former Prime Minister. In this national crisis, a political gap is never allowed. In order to overcome it and regain the lives of all people with peace of mind, I will firmly inherit the efforts of the Abe administration and move forward. I recognize that this is my mission. ".

Economic revitalization is the most important issue

Prime Minister Kan said, "Economic revitalization will continue to be the most important issue for the administration. We will continue to carry out further reforms by inheriting Abenomics, which has three pillars: monetary easing, fiscal investment, and growth strategy. Although it was in the best economic condition after the collapse of the bubble, a new corona virus broke out. First, after overcoming this crisis, intensive reforms and necessary investments were made toward the construction of a post-corona society. I want to regain a strong economy again. "