Mikael Gabriel, accused of drunk driving, will not be seen in tonight's Life for a Child concert, MTV says.

According to Matti Vali, Marketing and Communications Manager of the Children's Clinics' Godparents, the decision was made by consensus.

- We have jointly agreed that Mikael Gabriel will opt out of the Life for a Child concert broadcast in this situation, so that attention remains the main purpose of the program.

Godparents Live: Life Despite the change, the child will have a wonderful charity program full of emotion, the biggest domestic stars and a lot of support for small patients all over Finland, Valli tells MTV.

Mikael Gabriel at the Life for a Child concert 2018.Photo: Jonna Ohrnberg

Raptor Mikael Gabriel's suspected drunk driving was revealed on Wednesday.

It is confirmed to Ilta-Sanomat from the Helsinki District Court that the suspected act took place on 3 June.

Seiska first talked about it.

In addition, Mikael Gabriel is suspected of a drug use offense.

The suspected crime took place on 1-3.

June 2020.

Mikael Gabriel is known as a successful rapper.

He has been seen in the 5th production season of the Life Only series in 2016.

Mikael Gabriel, 30, has previously been convicted of drug offenses, drunk driving and drug use offenses.

In March 2018, the rapper was sentenced to 30 daily fines, which became payable in the amount of 1,860 euros.

In addition, he was ordered to pay the state a crime victim fee of 80 euros and to reimburse the costs of substance abuse research 105 euros.

The judgment of the Helsinki District Court remained final, as the judgment was not appealed by the deadline.

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