Fly veteran Lasse Kukkonen will return to the Oulu club and the Finnish Ice Hockey League with a one-match contract.

The defender, who decided to hockey last spring, will play his farewell match in Oulu on October 3.

- This is such an exceptional player for this organization that we wanted to give that story a different decision.

The coaching and the team also signed this idea, Täri Virkkunen, CEO of Kärppi, said in the club's press release on Wednesday.

- Everyone knows Lasse's attitude.

He will definitely fight in the game at least as much as the rest of the team.

Kukkonen said that he was already waiting for the closing ceremony of his career.

- It's a huge thing for yourself to be able to stop those games with skates on your feet.

Fortunately, many people who are important to me now get to see its last game.

My parents, wife and children are there and I can experience this together with them.

It will definitely be a memorable day, Kukkonen predicted.

- I think I can handle the game well.

That's why those guys are there to help.