China News Service, September 16 According to a report by the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), on the evening of the 16th local time, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga held a press conference to explain the new government’s internal and external policies.

On the evening of September 16, local time, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga held a press conference to explain his policy guidelines.

Image source: Screenshot of the live broadcast of the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK)

  According to reports, at the press conference, Yoshihide Suga briefly summarized his work as Chief Cabinet Secretary. Then, he stated that he would firmly inherit the various policies of the former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, saying that this was because he was accused of Mission given.

  In response to the current spread of the new crown epidemic in Japan, Yoshihide Suga stated that he would treat the control of the epidemic as the top priority, and said that he would sum up previous experience, further improve the testing system and medical system, and strive to ensure that it will be ensured in the first half of 2021. All people can get the new crown vaccine.

  Regarding the current economic situation, Yoshihide Suga pointed out that "economic recovery will be the most important issue for the regime." He said that he would inherit Abenomics and make necessary reforms and investments on this basis to boost the economy.

  In terms of diplomacy, he stated that he would center on the "Japan-US Alliance" and actively build stable bilateral relations with neighboring countries.

  Regarding the previously criticized "Sakura Viewing Party", Suga Yoshihide said that he will take the prime minister as an opportunity and will no longer hold this event from 2021.

  In addition, Suga Yoshihide also explained how to promote the local economy, internal reforms, and the time for the dissolution of the House of Representatives.

  On the afternoon of September 16, local time, the Japanese National Assembly held a designated election for the prime minister. The Liberal Democratic Party President Yoshihide Suga was elected with a high vote and accepted the appointment of Emperor Naruhito of Japan that night, officially becoming the 99th Prime Minister of Japan.