Arvidsjaur's reindeer slaughter is one of the slaughterhouses that still has a lot of meat in its warehouses from the previous year.

A total of 12,000 reindeer were slaughtered from their own purchases last year.

This year there will be a halving with 6,000 slaughter trainers.

- The corona struck when the slaughter season was over last year, so we had filled stocks.

It stopped the market in Norway, among other places, all festivals this summer and then we also have the Finnish side, which is big for us, says Roland Sandgren, CEO of Arvidsjaur's reindeer slaughter to Sameradion and SVT Sápmi.

Lower price for reindeer meat according to round trip

Right now, the price of reindeer meat in most places in Sápmi is lower than last year.

This is shown by Sameradions & SVT Sápmi's tour of several slaughterhouses.

Arvidsjaur slaughter expects that the prices of reindeer meat will fall by 15 - 16 percent.

- It's a lot for the reindeer industry, they have to make a living selling the reindeer.

It will be a two-stage rocket for them, we buy half as much and then maybe we can not pay as much as usual.

For the reindeer herding industry, it is a very hard blow.

Can be more expensive in Norrbotten

Mikael Kuhmunen, chairman of Sirge's Sami village, believes that the price may still increase in any case in Norrbotten.

This is because there will not be as much clean to sell.

- There have been some calves this year, the winter has been bad and the number of reindeer has decreased.

It will be difficult for those who usually sell calves.

I do not know how it will go for them.

I hope that the moose has survived and those who usually sell moose can do so.

If there are no moose, I do not know how it will go, says Mikael Kuhmunen to Sameradion and SVT Sápmi.