The coronavirus spread from Mikkeli's Jukuri U20 team to HPK and KooKoo's youngsters in a game situation in the trough, experts believe in Mikkeli, Hämeenlinna and Kymenlaakso.

The suspicion is based on research data collected from hockey players who gave a positive corona sample in interviews.

Jukurit played in Hämeenlinna on Friday 4.9.

and in Kouvola a day later.

- We have interviewed everyone with an infection so far.

Everyone gives a very consistent picture: they had no contact with the people of Mikkeli outside the trough, Janne Mikkola, infection chief physician at Kanta-Häme Central Hospital, tells Ilta-Sanomat.

- That is, the kind of close contact that is used to be considered a prerequisite for infection.

According to a press release from HPK, eight coronary infections have been diagnosed in the club's U20 team.

In the match between HPK and Jukuri, the players followed all the instructions and precautions of the Hockey Association, Mikkola says.

Guests went directly from the bus to the locker room.

The teams in the locker room corridor shared, but the players were not two meters apart in the corridor.

- The players have not been in contact with each other outside the pitch, Mikkola repeats.

The same research result has been reached in Kymenlaakso.

KooKoo players were exposed to the virus carried by Jukuri only in the trough.

- We have a clear feeling that the game situation alone is enough to catch up.

The KooKoo player has clearly said that he was not dealing with the Jukuri other than in the game situation.

And he has been found to be positive, says Risto Pietikäinen, Chief Infectious Disorder at Kymenlaakso Central Hospital, and says of the new finding:

- We had the impression that the (hockey match) contacts would be short and not so dangerous.

Now we need to see a change in perception.

Eight KooKoon U20 players and one staff member have been diagnosed with a corona infection, the team announced on Wednesday.

Illustration: Picture: Mikko Stig / Lehtikuva

Exactly how the virus has spread in a puck match is not taken into account by doctors.

In Hämeenlinna, even the ice periods of those infected have been determined.

- The first players to get infected had quite a lot of ice time and normal close contacts in the game, Mikkola commented.

He emphasizes that no conclusions can be drawn from the observation or risks at the individual level can be assessed.

Pietikäinen also revolves around issues related to species culture in the background of infections.

- In the matches you can see that the players are spitting.

Snuff is unfortunately spread in sports circles, he mentions.

Kouvola and Hämeenlinna are ball towns where, in addition to hockey, volleyball and basketball, for example, are played at a hard level.

In the summer, there have been no infections in football and baseball between players in matches.

What can you expect from the fall and indoor football season?

- This is serious.

When autumn comes and we move indoors, the danger will increase.

We have really big events.

There are 30 games of hockey leagues in Pohjois-Kymenlaakso and other ball games in the south, Pietikäinen thinks and says that the hospital district is happy to advise clubs in organizing events.

Kymenlaakso Central Hospital is located in Kotka. Photo: Jarmo Sipilä

Mikkola says that one thing was already learned from the HPK case in Hämeenlinna.

Information about Jukuri's first confirmed corona cases came to the health care authorities in Hämeenlinna on Tuesday 8.9.

Infection experts and THL discussed together the same afternoon what the risk of HPK and other opposing teams getting Korona was.

- The initial assessment was that the risk is relatively small, Mikkola says.

- It has been learned that if in hockey the opposing team reports that they have been diagnosed with an infection, then then its own team will be quarantined outright.

Don’t wait to see if anyone gets any symptoms.

It has now become pretty clear in the last week.

The HPK team under the age of 20 was put on a break when information about Mikkeli's symptoms came.

Players were placed under intensified symptom monitoring and symptomatic were referred to a coronavirus test.

The first infections in HPK were reported on Thursday, September 10th.