ENCE’s Counter-Strike team is going hard right now.

The team is currently playing the first tournament of the fall season, the ESL Pro League: there are four wins and one loss below.

Today, on Wednesday, ENCE will face Aleksi “Aleksib” in the second last block match of the Estonian-led OG team at 6.30 pm.

An Estonian was fired from ENCE a year ago.

OG took the first encounter in the early part of the year 2-0, but now both teams are in a much better stroke.

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ENCE has published an interview with Miikka “suNny” Kemppi, which lasts almost six minutes during the super match.

In the video, Kemppi commented on tonight's match.

- There may be something in it, but it's not that you have to beat Aleksib.

It's one match among others, Kemppi begins his response with a video.

- We want to show that we are a better team.

There was talk before the tournament of aiming for the top4.

We are satisfied with that, Kemppi commented on the match and the tournament goal.

ENCE leads the A-block before the last two rounds.

A win from OG would secure a place in the playoffs of the playoffs.

The place in the chart below is already practically certain, as ENCE has only lost to Jesse “ZehN” Linjalan GODSENT.

- The loss of annoying, because I was always a really bad loser.

Game-wise, ENCE has a lot to improve, because Kemppi still thinks there are a lot of mistakes.

However, the game has improved considerably since the spring.

Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen, who joined the team in April, has started to show up in the tournament matches.

- We have really high expectations.

It may also have little effect on the hassle of what happens.

Kemppi's interview:

ENCE already played several tight matches in the spring and took a few hard wins, but since the summer break, the team has been at a whole new level.

According to Kemppi, the team has gained new faith and will to play.

Changes have also been made to the roles of the players.

As a result of this, as well as the development of team team play, players are now in the right place at the right time.

This in turn is directly reflected in the performance level of each player.

Kemppi also commented on the shelf of ENCE coach Slaava “Twista” Räsänen.

ENCE announced on Friday last week that it was shelving Räsänen because he had used a terrible coaching scam bug in 2017. At that time, Räsänen had not yet coached ENCE.

According to Kemppi, ENCE and Räsänen made the right decision when shelving the coach for the duration of the investigation by the ESIC commission.

ENCE could have allowed Räsänen to continue as coach, as ESIC has not demanded shelving and the coach has at least not received any sanctions yet.

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According to Kemppi, the absence of the coach changes the whole dynamics, because Räsänen has been in the voice before the matches, during the time and even during the matches due to the corona.

The absence of Räsänen is a kind of test for the team.

- That our spine is as strong as imagined, now that Slav is not there [on the game server] busy?

Now we will act without Slav until the situation is clear, Kemppi commented on the situation.

So far, Slavic “Twista” Räsänen has been shelved for his work as ENCE's CS coach.

The shelving decision is related to the exploitation of a bug in games in 2017, which has been a hot topic in CS circles in recent weeks. Photo: Tuomo Väkevä / ENCE