Dubai Police rescues a child whose arm was stuck in a swimming pool drainage tube

The maritime rescue team of the Ports Police Station, and the difficult task team at the General Department of Transport and Rescue at Dubai Police, managed to rescue a three-year-old child, after his arm was stuck in a water drainage pipe in the bottom of a swimming pool, because he was able to remove the tube cap without his parents noticing, This led to his hand pushing in and jamming.

Lieutenant Colonel Ali Abdullah Al-Qassib Al-Naqbi, Head of the Maritime Rescue Department, Lieutenant Colonel Yahya Hussein, Head of the Difficult Missions Department, Lieutenant Colonel Obaid Rabie, Alternate Officer of the Difficult Missions Department, Lieutenant Hussein Habib, the Difficult Missions Alternate, and a number of the Maritime Rescue Team and the Difficult Missions Team moved to the scene of the accident. After the child's parents submitted a report to the administration of the Command and Control Center, to help them save the child.

Lt. Col. Ali Abdullah Al-Qassib Al-Naqbi confirmed that the maritime rescue team and the difficult task force set off immediately to the site of the accident in a residential area on the Dubai-Al-Ain road, where it was found that the child's left arm was jammed and stuck inside the drainage pipe hole as a result of water pressure and density in the pool.

Colonel Al Naqbi pointed out that the child's parents were trying hard to help him remove his hand, but to no avail, while the water surrounded the child who was crying and in pain, indicating that the marine rescue teams and the difficult missions worked quickly to calm the parents and the child, and to verify that there was no real danger to his life with cooperation With the ambulance who arrived at the place.

He added: It was difficult to get the child's arm out of the drainage tube because it was pushed hard from the pool water and jammed, so it required all members of the two teams to work quickly to empty the water from the pool manually, using buckets and a special drainage device.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Naqbi continued: After emptying the swimming pool of water and disconnecting the electrical current to enhance safety and security precautions, the marine rescue teams and difficult missions used rescue tools to break down the cement material of the basin floor surrounding the child's arm, then worked to remove the plastic ring of the water drainage tube until it reached deeper A point in it, and the latest opening in the tube to release air pressure, which contributed to the artistic removal of the child's arm.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Naqbi praised the efforts of the two marine rescue teams and the difficult task force, which worked for two continuous hours in emptying the water of the swimming pool, and exchanged ideas and plans on how to remove the child's arm without suffering any harm or injuries.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Naqbi stressed the importance of not allowing children to enter swimming pools unless there is a specialized lifeguard or accompanied by someone who knows how to swim well and that they have direct supervision, stressing the importance of calling the toll-free number 999 in the event of any emergency, and describing the place Accurately to facilitate the arrival of rescue patrols as quickly as possible.

The child's parents expressed their sincere thanks to the Dubai Police General Command for the prompt response to the report they submitted, and for saving their child's life with great craftsmanship without suffering any injuries.

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