Raptor Mikael Gabriel is accused of drunk driving.

The Helsinki District Court confirms to IS that the suspected act took place on 3 June.

Seiska first reported on the matter.

In addition, Mikael Gabriel is charged with a drug use offense.

The suspected crime took place on 1-3.

June 2020.

Now the rapper has broken the silence and told his own version of the course of events in the Instagram Stories section.

- In June, I was stopped in the center of Helsinki in the middle of the working day.

It was a routine check, according to police, and I was taken for a blood test.

Immediately after the exam, I was able to go home and was also allowed to keep my driver’s license because I was not suspected of endangering traffic or driving while intoxicated, Mikael Gabriel writes on Instagram.

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- I was informed today that the prosecutor has decided to prosecute drunk driving and drug use offense because a small amount of cannabis residue had been found in my blood.

I sign a zero tolerance steering wheel and will not drive if my driving ability is impaired for some reason.

If the me in this matter are judged by the position responsibilities, as I have always done, he continues.

Mikael Gabriel was scheduled to perform today at the Life for a Child concert, but his gig was canceled.

Matti Valli, Marketing and Communications Manager of Children's Clinics Godparents, commented to MTV News that the decision was made by consensus.

Mikael Gabriel is known as a successful rapper.

He has been seen in the 5th production season of the Life Only series in 2016.

Mikael Gabriel, 30, has previously been convicted of drug offenses, drunk driving and drug use offenses.

In March 2018, the rapper was sentenced to 30 daily fines, which became payable in the amount of 1,860 euros.

In addition, he was ordered to pay the state a crime victim fee of 80 euros and to reimburse the costs of substance abuse research 105 euros.

The judgment of the Helsinki District Court remained final, as the judgment was not appealed by the deadline.