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  • The blogger of Vénissieux Bassem Braiki was tried Tuesday in Lyon for homophobic comments.

  • In August 2018, the man, well known to the courts, had notably declared: "Homosexuals, you must be treated (…) You take an Efferalgan, you mix with cyanide, then it will cure you".

At the helm of the Lyon Criminal Court, the blogger from Vénissieux made a sort of

mea culpa

, according to

Le Parisien

“having grown up” and “not wanting any harm to the gay community”.

But will his regrets, sincere or not, be enough to save him another prison sentence?

On Tuesday, eight months in prison and 5,000 euros in fines were required against Bassem Braiki who was prosecuted for violently attacking the homosexual community during a video broadcast on Snapchat on August 28, 2018, in reaction to polemical remarks of the Pope on homosexuality and psychiatry.

Three civil party associations

At the time, the blogger from Vénissieux, followed by tens of thousands of subscribers, declared in particular: “Homosexuals, you must be treated.

You have to be treated, and I have the solution for you to be treated.

You take an Efferalgan, you mix it with cyanide, then it will heal you (…).

We have to eradicate this phenomenon… ”Following his remarks, three associations fighting against homophobia, including SOS Homophobie and the Amicale du refuge, had filed a complaint against the blogger of Vénissieux, renowned on the web but also well known by Justice.

In 2016, in particular, the man was sentenced to five months in prison in Lyon for insults and threats against a police officer and then to six months in prison for violence against a disabled person.

Also implicated for traffic offenses, racist and misogynistic remarks, the blogger also made talk about him a few months ago for his quarrels with the Parisian rapper Sadek.

The latter, suspected of having organized a punitive expedition to Vénissieux and of having beaten Bassem Braiki, was arrested and placed in pre-trial detention (and released since) in February.

Faced with the blogger, the public prosecutor has apparently not been convinced by the regrets expressed at the bar.

"Bassem Braiki illustrates the black side of the Internet, when you have so many subscribers, you have responsibilities (...) He is a violent individual and not the sympathetic individual under whose features he wants to present himself", a declared the representative of the prosecution quoted by

Le Parisien.

The judgment is due on October 20.


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Lyon: Mixing "Efferalgan and cyanide", LGBT associations file a complaint against blogger Bassem Braiki

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