Apple on Tuesday night unveiled new hardware and service products, one of which is the multi-service Apple One.

This is a package that costs around € 15 a month and includes the Apple Arcade game service, Apple TV + streaming service, iCloud storage and Apple Music.

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Following the release, Spotify issued a statement accusing Apple of abusing its dominant market position, says The Verge.

- Once again, Apple is using its dominant position and unfair practices to weaken its competitors and weaken consumers by favoring its own services.

We call on the competition authorities to act swiftly on Apple's anti-competitive behavior.

If left unaddressed, it will cause permanent damage to the developer community and jeopardize our freedom to listen, learn, create and connect with others, Spotify said in a statement.

This is not the first time Spotify has accused Apple of abusing its position.

Spotify complained to EU competition authorities last year that Apple would take 30 percent of the revenue from competing music apps in the App Store, but offer its own Apple Music at the same price.

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Apple said in its response that it will offer options for all of its own services.

The purpose of Apple One is to bundle the services provided by the company into one affordable and simple entity.

Customers, especially families, will save money, according to Apple, if they already have services ordered.

Apple has not reported Apple Music's subscriber base for more than a year.

In June 2019, it had a total of 60 million subscribers.

Spotify last announced its own figures in July this year, when there were 138 million paying customers.