Apple held a launch event on Tuesday night in Finnish time, where the company introduced new equipment and services.

Engadget, among others, tells about the announcements.

The company was the first to announce the six-series of its Apple Watch smartwatch.

The biggest innovations are support for 5g mobile networks and monitoring of blood oxygen content.

In addition, with the new S6 chip, they are promised to be one-fifth lower than their predecessors.

Prices for the Watch 6 series range from 440 to around 800 euros.

Marketing products to families is reflected in the press images of Apple watches.

In addition, Apple unveiled the more affordable Watch SE watch series, which starts at just over € 300.

Apple also unveiled new tablets.

The revamped 4th-generation slim iPad Air is based on Apple’s own A14 processor, and its 10.9-inch screen runs at 1260 x 1640. Other upgrades include a usb-c port and support for an Apple pen.

The price of the equipment starts at just under 700 euros.

The upgrade to the more affordable iPad product line was quite moderate.

The 8th generation processor was upgraded to a newer A12 Bionic chip.

No other reforms were seen.

Equipment prices start at 400 euros.

On the service side, Apple introduced a monthly Fitness + service that works with the company’s equipment.

Sports include cycling, yoga and various gymnastics.

Apple One combines Apple's monthly services into one package.

In addition, Apple merged existing Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple TV + and iCloud under one title, Apple One.

The service costs EUR 14.95 per month in Finland or EUR 19.95 as a family order.

The package is also available for Android users.

The new iOS 14 operating system was also officially released.

The version that will be available for download today includes, among other things, the home menu widgets familiar from Android, as well as a revamped app library that allows you to organize your applications by groups.

In addition, the call view has been changed to condensed, so that the screen shows the phone as more.

FaceTime calls can be viewed in a small floating image if desired.

IOS 14 will be available today for iPhone 6s and later Apple phones.

According to Leo Gebbie, a consultant for CCS Insight interviewed by the Financial Times (FT), for the first time, Apple has a good, tiered offering in its price range.

However, the company’s problem remains that while it is the market leader, only 10 percent of iPhone users have an Apple Watch, PP Foresight analyst Paolo Pescatore pointed out to FT.

According to analysts, Apple's strategy in releasing mid-priced devices is to acquire new customers.

These are expected to become users of Apple’s paid services.

Pescatore also pointed out that Apple is now focusing its marketing efforts on families rather than individual users.

He described this as a “master movement”.

No new iPhones were seen in the announcement.

Apple has been in the habit of unveiling its phone in September, but the expected 5g iPhones were not unveiled.

The phone launch is expected later in the fall.

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Apple has not given a reason for the delay, but the reason is believed to be production difficulties that would prevent Apple from getting the phones into stores soon enough after the announcement.

All the major Android phone manufacturers have already released 5g phones.