The months-long Counter-Strike match between the Finnish team ENCE and Aleksi “Aleksib” OG led by the Estonian was played today.

The parties only met for the second time since the fires the Estonian received in August last year.

The Estonian won the first match.

OG won the match of the evening on three cards (11-16 Dust 2, 16-10 Inferno, 16-4 Mirage).

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The Best of Three series began on the Dust 2 map chosen by ENCE, where OG won the first half by 8-7.

On the terrorist side, however, the cleanliness of the Estonian team froze and after a lost pistol round, ENCE took the win with a nine-round round.

Miikka “suNny” Kemppi shone in Dust:

In Inferno, chosen by OG, the team took a 9-6 lead on its terrorist side.

ENCE managed to narrow the gap by four more rounds, but in the end, OG took the win with the clearest 16-10 reading.

In Mirage, OG once again took a brisk start on its police side under the leadership of Mateusz “mantuu” Wilczewski.

This time, however, the pace didn’t clot and OG walked over ENCE in laps 16-4.

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The match was part of the ESL Pro League top series A-block, where ENCE is second with four wins and two losses.

OG has won three games and lost the same amount.

The final round of the group stage will be played on Saturday.

ENCE faces the German BIG and OG the Danish Heroic.

Both matches start at 3 pm Finnish time.