Suga, governor of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party in Japan, became the 99th Prime Minister of Japan today (16th).

The'Suga Cabinet' was also launched, and its characteristics are summarized in three keywords.

This is Tokyo's correspondent Yoo Seong-jae.


[President of the House of Representatives Oshima/Japan: Appointment of the Prime Minister of the Cabinet of Yoshihide Suga has been decided.] The

President of the Liberal Democratic Party Suga became Japan's 99th Prime Minister today.

The new Prime Minister Suga was officially inaugurated this afternoon after receiving an appointment from Emperor Naruhito.

A new cabinet was also announced.

Kato's Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, who was the commanding tower of the Corona 19 response, has risen to the Prime Minister's right arm, the Secretary of State, and as the successor, Rep. Tamura, a senior member of the party who served as the Minister of Welfare 8 years ago, emphasized the image that ``solving issues'' is first.

Among the 20 ministerial-level ministers, as many as eight were retained, including Aso Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister and Foreign Minister Motegi.

In addition, the House of Representatives Kishi, the younger brother of former Prime Minister Abe, was chosen as the Minister of Defense, and

[Kishi/New Defense Award: I have many thoughts, but I would like to inherit it properly.] As

Prime Minister Suga entered the political world, the son of a lawmaker who served as a secretary was headed by the National Public Security Commission. I appointed him to take care of personal connections.

In Kishida and Ishibapa, who competed in the governor's election, all three were appointed to the ministerial level, even directing the lineage arrangement.

The Abe cabinet resigned from the temporary cabinet meeting this morning, ending the seven-year and eight-month long term in office.

Prime Minister Suga's first cabinet composition has been evaluated as having focused on a soft landing in the early days of the regime by succeeding the Abe cabinet and arranging factions.

(Video coverage: Han Cheol-min, Video editing: Kim Ho-jin)