What if I check the location information of my mobile phone every 3 minutes, saying I check the attendance at work?

Life support companies participating in the government's elderly care programs are being asked to use these management apps.

There is a controversy over human rights violations.

This is reporter Yun Nara.


Life support workers visit and help elderly people who have difficulty in daily life, such as the elderly living alone.

I am hired by a social welfare institution entrusted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and work as a one-year contract, and welfare institutions are asking support companies to install a work management app.

When you install the app, the location of the applicant is sent to the welfare institution every 3 minutes.

[Life support worker: I am not a robber, but I put this shackle or something to work...

I think it is a violation of human rights.] The

Ministry of Health and Welfare recommended that the app be installed, and there were cases of leaving the workplace without properly caring for the elderly.

Of the 25,000 living support companies nationwide, 23,000 are using this app, and it is said that it is difficult to back off because of excessive surveillance.

[Living Support Agent: (Use the app) When I said that I couldn't, I was like (at a welfare institution)'It's hard to work with a teacher.'

It sounds like a threat.] According to the

law, when using an app that collects and uses location information, you have to report it to the Korea Communications Commission, but there is a problem that the report was not available.

[River Sunwoo / addition Democrats (health bokjiwi): Even as those released have good intentions systems right to turn if earned a result of violation of human rights;

and Welfare organized a business, do not collect location information every three minutes He advised to collect it only when starting and ending work, but he said he could not confirm whether it was properly implemented, and said that if there were any inconveniences to life support companies, he would make up for it.

(Video coverage: Park Jin-ho and Seo Jin-ho, video editing: Jeong Seong-hoon)