Current Affairs News丨The first video meeting between the leaders of China, Germany and Europe, what did it convey to the world?

  On the evening of September 14, leaders of China, Germany and Europe jointly held a video meeting.

The parties involved in the meeting were: Chinese President Xi Jinping, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President of the European Union, and European Council President Michel, and European Commission President Von der Lein.

Leaders exchanged in-depth views on China-EU relations, planned development directions, and identified key areas.

Leaders of China, Germany and Europe have the first dialogue on the same screen

  The last time President Xi and Merkel met was a year ago.

Last September, Merkel visited China for the 12th time as German Chancellor.

Since the beginning of this year, the sudden epidemic has pushed the pause button for "face-to-face" communication, but "cloud communication" is more flexible and frequent.

In the first half of this year, President Xi and Merkel had three telephone conversations, which "reflected the high political mutual trust and close strategic communication between the two sides."

△In the Great Hall of the People, the scene before the start of the video meeting.

(Photo by CCTV reporter Shi Cheng)

  In this meeting, Merkel has another identity besides the German Chancellor-the leader of the EU rotating presidency.

In the most recent telephone conversation, President Xi mentioned that Germany will take the rotation of the EU presidency in the second half of this year.

China is willing to strengthen strategic cooperation with Germany and the European Union, adhere to multilateralism, respond to global challenges, and

jointly increase certainty in an uncertain world


△From July 1 this year, Germany will assume the rotating presidency of the European Union for a period of six months.

This is the three flags that represent the European Union, Germany, and Germany as the rotating presidency of the European Union.

  European Council President Michel and European Commission President Von der Lein are the new EU leaders who took office in December last year.

On the evening of June 22 this year, President Xi had the first video meeting with them.

  Standing at a new crossroads, where does human society go?

Entering the "post-epidemic era", how will China-EU relations develop?

For the first time in history, the video meeting of leaders of China, Germany and Europe conveyed a clear message to the world.

△The leaders of China, Germany and Europe have a dialogue on the same screen.

Xi Jinping: CEIBS must achieve "4 Perseverances"

  When meeting with Michel and von der Lein more than two months ago, Xi Jinping made three conclusions: China wants peace without hegemony, China is an opportunity or a threat, and China is a partner, not an opponent.

On the same day, he also made three propositions: China and Europe must be two major forces for maintaining global peace and stability, two major markets that promote global development and prosperity, and two major civilizations that adhere to multilateralism and improve global governance.

△On May 30th, Lufthansa flight LH342 carried about 200 German entrepreneurs, technical experts and other passengers, and flew from Frankfurt to Tianjin.

This is the first chartered flight to resume work between China and Germany, and the "fast channel" between the two countries has been realized.

  In the meeting on September 14, President Xi emphasized that China and the EU must adhere to the "four perseverances": upholding peaceful coexistence, upholding open cooperation, upholding multilateralism, and upholding dialogue and consultation.

  "Different civilizations have no conflicts, just have eyes to appreciate the beauty of all civilizations." Xi Jinping said during the meeting that there is no exactly the same political system model in the world, and the multi-culture of different civilizations is the norm.

When it comes to human rights issues, President Xi said that there is no universal human rights development path in the world. There is no best protection of human rights, only better.

China does not accept human rights as a "teacher"

and opposes "double standards".

△ The EU summit held on July 17 this year was the first face-to-face meeting held by leaders of EU countries. Everyone greeted each other in a way of "bumping their arms.

This is the scene where Merkel met with Michel and Von der Lein.

Bring the good news at the meeting

  During the meeting that night, China and the EU reached a series of results and consensus on pragmatic cooperation. This is a powerful action to push China-EU relations to a higher level and promote the results of cooperation to better benefit the Chinese and European people.

△On the day of the meeting, Chinese Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan, German Ambassador to China Ge Ce (right) and EU Ambassador to China Yu Bai (middle) formally signed the China-EU Geographical Indications Agreement.

△Signatures of representatives of China and Europe (from the social media of the EU ambassador to China)

China and the EU announce the signing of the China-EU Geographical Indications Agreement

  Geographical indications are important signs that indicate the origin of the product.

According to this agreement, my country’s first batch of 100 well-known geographical indications such as Anxi Tieguanyin, Wuchang Rice, Anji White Tea, and Pixian Douban will be protected by the European Union, effectively preventing counterfeiting and other infringements.

At the same time, French champagne, Irish whiskey, Bavarian beer, Feta cheese, Parma ham and other EU high-quality specialty products will also receive high-level protection and enter the Chinese market.

That night, the European side stated that it was "encouraged by the signing of the Geographical Indication Agreement between Europe and China."

△Chinese geographical indication products include Anji white tea, Turpan raisins, Pixian Douban, Wuchang rice, etc.

△ EU geographical indication products include Parma ham, Feta cheese, Bavarian beer, French champagne, etc.

Confirmed to speed up the negotiation of China-EU Investment Agreement

  Negotiations on the China-EU Investment Agreement are also a bilateral agenda that both sides attach great importance to.

During her visit to China in September last year, Merkel stated that she would work hard to promote the completion of the EU-China investment agreement negotiations during Germany's presidency of the EU in 2020.

In June of this year, Michel and Von der Lein also stated in their meeting with President Xi that the EU-China investment agreement should be reached as soon as possible.

  During the meeting on September 14, the leaders of China, Germany and Europe reaffirmed to speed up the negotiations on the China-EU investment agreement and reiterated the goal of completing the negotiations within the year.

This will also be a prelude to the early start of China-EU free trade cooperation.

△After the video meeting, German Chancellor Merkel attended the press conference.

Create a China-Europe green partnership and digital partnership

  On the evening of the meeting, China and the EU decided to establish a high-level dialogue on the environment and climate and a high-level dialogue in the digital field to forge a China-EU green partnership and digital partnership.

  In the last meeting with Michel and von der Lein, President Xi said that China and Europe must strengthen cooperation in the green and digital fields and build green development partners.

△Michelle and Von Delane attended the press conference together.

(From European Council social media)

  How to build China-EU green partners and digital partners?

President Xi proposed that it is necessary to constructively participate in the multilateral process of global response to climate change and protection of global biodiversity, and contribute to the promotion of global sustainable development.

It is hoped to promote the formulation of global digital standards and rules and promote the sound development of global digital economic governance.

△The China-Europe Railway Express Exhibition Area at the just-concluded service trade fair.

  As the world's two major forces, two major markets, and two major civilizations, China and the EU have global significance as well as everyone's interests in what they advocate, oppose and cooperate.

The meeting between the leaders of China, Germany and Europe has injected strong positive energy into the international community to fight the epidemic, restore the economy, and maintain justice.

Together, China and Europe will lead human society out of the "darkest moment" as soon as possible.

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