There has been a workplace accident on the bridge construction at Västra länken in Umeå.

Alarms about loose objects in the river were received shortly after nine on Tuesday morning.

- It is a bridge beam that at launch has progressed uncontrolled, says Gerhard Barrestål, project manager at the Swedish Transport Administration, who is on site at the bridge construction.

One person was injured in connection with the accident.

- He could take himself to the ambulance, says Gerhard Barrestål.

The injured person has suffered a shoulder injury, the Swedish Transport Administration announces in a press release.

At the same time, the Swedish Transport Administration issues a warning: "Right now we want to warn the public and everyone who is downstream on the Ume River and in its delta that wood may come floating from the accident site," the press release states.

Fallen into the river

Several objects have also collapsed into the river after a so-called "launch" went wrong, when one section was to be pushed out to the next bridge support.

When the bridge was slowly pushed out, something happened and the whole bridge rushed away.

The so-called "king pin" that holds the bridge up was torn loose and is now in the river, the Swedish Transport Administration explains.

- We are currently trying to get hold of a boat to take care of what has gone down in the water, says Gerhard Barrestål.

How serious is this?

- It is clear that it is bad for this project but I can not really say more than that right now.

According to Barrestål, there is currently no immediate risk of more breeds, but it is being investigated carefully.

Parts of the area will be cordoned off.

Later today, a press release will be held at the site.

"A crash of power"

- It looks like the scaffolding that is supposed to hold up the bridge has collapsed when they pushed it out over the river.

That scaffolding is currently in the river and the steel wires have torn away parts of the wooden structure that was probably the mold for the carriageway.

It was a crash of power, says a private person who heard the crash and went to the scene.

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