In the upcoming first date on the altar, the wedding mood will be reached again, when Tommi and the Jews and Mira and Matti meet each other on the altar.

The previous episode already saw how Emma and Tuomas and Kati and Janne said to each other.

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Juudit, 29, a study instructor from Turku, and Tommi, 36, who lives in Helsinki, are the first to step on the altar in the episode. However, on the morning of his wedding day, Tommi admits to the cameras that he is excited.

He also says he has no dreams of raising a family at all in the future.

- It is certainly difficult to find the right person for many different reasons.

But one big reason is that when you don't want children, it's a pretty hard hand to cut off the outfit right from the start, Tommi explains to the cameras.

When a couple meets each other at the altar for the first time, they are both happy with their eyes.

The Jews repeat to the cameras on several occasions that they feel very lucky when a man like Tom is found next to him.

Indeed, there seems to be immediate chemistry between the couple and they kiss each other unhindered already while taking the wedding photos.

There seems to be immediate chemistry between Tom and Judith. Photo: Jonathan Melartin

Later, however, at the wedding ceremony, the Jews shake the question that bothered Tom.

She asks her new husband what kind of thoughts she might have about raising a family.

- I dare ask, this side of the Muks ..., the Jews start gently as the wedding couple dances on the parquet.

- Well, I've been on the line that I don't want children, Tommi answers immediately.

However, Judith herself has a clear vision of children’s dreams.

- Okay, well, it suits me very well, the bride replies to Tom, laughing.

- Well, I guessed so much that it's such a clear thing that it probably won't be easily ignored, Tommi replies with relief.

Tommi and the Jews discuss family raising right on their wedding day.

However, the couple is on the same lines. Photo: Jonathan Melartin

Later, the Jews also tell the cameras about the conversation the couple had.

He says he hadn’t thought in advance to speak up on the wedding day, but the question just suddenly popped into his mind.

- There was such a quick question suddenly, how do you have a stepchild.

There came a clear answer from Tom that there is no future.

That’s clear and fits my plans very well, the Jews are pondering the cameras.

The Jews also praise the cameras for how natural it feels to be together with a new spouse, even though they have just met each other.

- It feels really natural with Tom and that there is room for all the questions.

I don’t know how I had such good luck, the Jews glow.

The Jews tell the cameras that talking to Tom feels natural. Photo: MTV3

Tommi, 36, works as a digital marketing team leader and lives in Helsinki together with his female roommate.

The 29-year-old Jews, on the other hand, describes himself as a feminist.

Before meeting Tommi, the Jews living in Turku and working as study counselors hoped that equality issues would also be important for his future spouse.

- When I think about what kind of person I would like to share my life with, I hope it will become a little peace in my life and being.

I hope that my future spouse is a man of equality and also ready to look at the world and himself always in the light of new knowledge, the Jews pondered the cameras in the first episode of the season.

- I have a few basic values ​​that are important.

Ecology, humanity, equality, Civilization and of course love, in turn, Tommi listed.

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