One man is convicted of aiding and abetting murder in the shooting of the young woman and the other is convicted of aiding and abetting attempted murder.

One of the men is also convicted of aiding and abetting an attempted murder in Nacka in September 2019.

The sentence is set at 16 years 'imprisonment for the man convicted of both incidents and 12 years' imprisonment for the other man.

The fatal shooting in Råcksta, which took place with automatic weapons, received a lot of attention.

According to the prosecutor, the young woman who was killed was not the target of the shots, but her husband.

The two men who had been charged with murder of the woman and attempted murder of her husband were acquitted at the end of May.

According to Solna District Court, it was not clear, among other things, which getaway car was used.

The Court of Appeal makes a different assessment and concludes that in weighing up the investigation presented by the prosecutor, there is no reasonable doubt that the men have participated in murders and attempted murders by, among other things, obtaining a getaway car and taking up positions with weapons used, writes the Court of Appeal in a press release.

For the incident in Nacka, a 23-year-old man was sentenced to eight years in prison for aiding and abetting an attempted murder.

Another man was released.

With regard to that prosecution, the Court of Appeal makes largely the same assessment as the district court.

This means that the accused men, who are now also convicted of the incident in Råcksta, are sentenced for aiding and abetting an attempted murder by having been at the crime scene, taken up arms and obtained a getaway car.