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One of the doubts that have arisen during the



is how to practice safe sex.

The recommendations have been multiple and of many kinds.

Now the

Catalan Public Health Agency

has published a guide to having sex and protecting yourself from the



Under the title of 'Sex and Covid-19, questions and answers', the guide answers some of the questions that may arise regarding


and the



The guide assures that "there is no evidence that the disease is transmitted through vaginal or anal sex", but warns that during sex it is easy to be exposed "to the breath or saliva that do transmit the virus."

That is why it recommends "not kissing or exchanging saliva with people you do not live with" and

"if oral-anal sex practices are maintained, it is recommended to use condoms and dental dams



In addition, it points out that hygienic measures reduce the risk of contracting


so they recommend "showering or

washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after

sex, washing sex toys with soap and water in if used, and disinfect keyboards and displays if shared with someone. "

It also warns that to avoid possible infections it is best to minimize sexual relations with non-partners.

And then what sexual practices are the best in times of coronavirus?

According to the Catalan Public Health Agency, the best ones are "sexual practices without physical contact with other people, such as, for example, personal masturbation, viewing

erotic videos




virtual sexual meetings


In addition, the places where you have sex are also very important.

"There is less risk if relationships are maintained in large, open and well ventilated spaces," concludes the guide.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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