Morocco surpasses China in Corona injuries and ranks 38th in the world

Morocco surpassed the number of Coronavirus infections in China, which is the first country in the world in which the epidemic appeared and experienced an exciting outbreak, before this Asian country succeeded in besieging the pandemic and passing through to the stage of developing a vaccine.

Yesterday, Sunday, Morocco surpassed the number of Corona virus infections in China, as the number of confirmed cases reached 86,686, compared to 85,194 cases in the Asian country, noting that the number of new cases recorded by the latter yesterday reached 10 cases, all of them from abroad, according to the Chinese National Health Commission.

According to the latest update of Corona's statistics, today, Monday, Morocco ranks 38th in the world, while China is ranked 40th in the world.

The United States comes first in terms of the number of Corona injuries, according to the data provided by the specialized global website "Worldometers", followed by India, Brazil, Russia, Peru, Colombia and Mexico.

At the African level, South Africa tops the number of epidemic cases with 649,793 confirmed cases, which puts it in eighth place in the world, with 15,447 deaths.

Saudi Arabia comes first in the Arab world and 16 in the world, with the number of injuries reaching 325,651 and deaths amounting to 4,268, then Iraq is ranked 19th globally, with a number of injuries reaching 290,309 and 8,014 deaths, followed by Qatar in 28th place globally after recording 121,740 cases.

And in fourth place and 34th in the world, we find Egypt with 101.009, followed directly by Kuwait, with 94,764, and Oman with 89,746.

Analysis of the data indicates that Morocco is on the list of countries with the highest daily infection rates of "Covid 19", as 2251 new confirmed cases were recorded during the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of people infected with the virus to 86,686 cases.

On the other hand, the number of excluded cases, after obtaining negative results concerning laboratory analyzes, has reached 2,143,383 since the beginning of the spread of the virus at the national level, while the number of deaths reaches 1578 cases;

The total toll from the recovery increased to 67,528.

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