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second day of the National Assembly's government question, which is held today (15th), is expected to continue to fight over the suspicion regarding the son of Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae.

The Democratic Party warned not to turn falsehoods into facts, and the people's power criticized state agencies for being broken to protect Chu.

This is Jeong-Hyun Jeong.

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Democratic Party went on to advocate for Justice Minister Chu Miae.

In the morning meeting, House Representative Kim Tae-nyeon criticized the opposition party, saying, "The question of the government that needs to discuss state affairs has been transformed into Chairman Choo Mi-ae's son."

[Kim Tae-nyeon/Deobuleo Democratic Party Representative: It is a typical opposition foot Yurokjima (jirokweima) that deer turns into words.

Because the facts are concealed and the falsehood is turned like the truth...

.] He

also said that Mr. A, a soldier on duty, who first raised the suspicion of having no problem with his son's vacation, had been mistaken or misunderstood.

The power of the people, Ho-young Joo criticized three national agencies, including the prosecution, the Ministry of Defense, and the Rights and Interest Committee, to save Minister Chu and his son.

He also said that he was disappointed towards Democratic Party leader Lee Nak-yeon, who was in cover for Minister Chu.

[Ho-Young Joo/People's Power, Representative: Nak-Yeon Lee) I was very disappointed to see Minister Choo Mi-ae defending it in the way that it was not wrong.

The main candidate for the presidential election is the people applauding and cheering when they correct something wrong...


The Democratic Party's lawmaker Mi-hyang Yoon, who was prosecuted yesterday, was also urged to "resign as a member of parliament" and said, "I will review the National Assembly Ethics Committee complaint."

In the National Assembly today, it is expected that the workshop for the son of Minister Choo Mi-ae will continue.

Today's question on the government is in the field of foreign affairs, transportation and security, so Minister Chu is not present.

However, the people's strength plans to continue a intensive questioning attack against the Minister of Defense and others regarding the allegations of the son of Minister Chu.