Today, Tuesday, Apple's annual conference will be held to reveal its new devices for this year, but this may be different from past events held by Apple, not because of the Corona pandemic and its forced to hold the event online, but because it may not announce the upcoming iPhone 12 phones. .

Instead, we expect modern models of current devices with completely new devices, more details on the operating system iOS 14 (iOS 14) in addition to some announcements about the services provided by the company.

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming Apple conference to announce its devices:

When is the conference date?

How can the viewer attend it?

As is the case with most other technical events that have been held since the beginning of the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, this year, the Apple conference to detect devices will be held entirely online today, Tuesday, September 15, 2020.

You can watch the live broadcast of the event on our page on Al Jazeera Net, which will broadcast the event through the official Apple website on YouTube, or via the company's website and the Apple TV application, and the event will begin at 10 am Pacific Time (8 pm) Mecca time).

Apple's conference this year will not be held at the company's headquarters in California, but via the Internet (communication sites)

Expectations and surprises

There will be no iPhone or Mac

It is expected, and contrary to what Apple is used to in its previous conferences, several sources indicate that the new iPhone 12 phones will not be announced during the Apple event in September of this year, as the American company faces some delays in the supply chain due to the Corona virus pandemic.

According to reports, there is no confirmed information about Apple sharing its ARM processor-based Mac plans (ARM) or more details about the new Mac OS operating system during tonight's event.

Reports say Apple will hold another special event in October focusing on iPhones 12 and possibly new MacBooks.

A new iPad Air

It is expected that a great emphasis will be placed on the new model of the iPad Air tablet at the upcoming Apple event, and according to numerous reports during the past month, Apple has significantly redesigned the device to make it similar to the iPad Pro 2019 (iPad Pro 2019), According to the leaks, the iPad Air is expected to come with bezels similar to those found in the iPad Pro models, a USB port instead of a Lightning port, an 11-inch screen instead of 10.5 inches, and a Touch ID sensor. The ID is built into the side button of the device.

iPad Air 4

Touch ID

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- DuanRui (@ duanrui1205) August 27, 2020

Smart headphones

Several reports have stated that Apple will launch over-ear headphones with its smart logo separately from the Beats brand, as the company is expected to name them AirPods Studio or AirPods X.

Reports indicate that it will be the smartest headphones ever, as it will contain a number of features, such as: sensors that can detect how to wear them, redirect left and right audio channels to match each other, noise cancellation feature, and the ability to detect that headphones are on your head Or your neck, and keep the headphone on when you are not wearing it on your head with the music paused.

The sixth generation of the Apple smartwatch

It is also expected that the Apple conference will include the announcement of the new generation of the Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch, and the leaks indicate that the new model of this watch will focus heavily on new health features, such as: adding a new feature that allows discovering the level of oxygen in It will work similarly to the heart rate notifications features by sending a notification to the user if the blood oxygen level drops below a certain threshold, in addition to improving the EKG feature of the smartwatch.

Sources say that the sixth generation watches will be in two sizes, and contain the S4 chip.

  Operating systems and services

Aside from the device announcements, expectations indicate that Apple will provide additional details on the operating systems of its devices: iOS 14, WatchOS 7, iPadOS 14, iPadOS 14 and tvOS 14. During the event, although the company unveiled these new updates at the WWDC 2020 developer event last June, as usual, it will shed light again on the new features in these operating systems.

In the field of services, reports appeared referring to the Apple One service package, indicating that Apple may be about to launch a package of subscription packages, which Bloomberg talked about last August.