Germany: Angela Merkel pressed by her allies regarding migrants from Lesbos

A migrant family arrives in front of a temporary camp after the destruction of Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.

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In Germany, where many refugees have been hosted since 2015, the government is under pressure.

Many officials and organizations, including the Social Democrats of the government coalition, are calling for large numbers of migrants to be welcomed from the island of Lesbos.


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With our correspondent in Berlin,

Pascal Thibaut

The Social Democrats of the SPD, allies of Chancellor Angela Merkel in the government coalition, demand that Berlin commit to taking care of a substantial number of migrants from the island of Lesbos.

For them, the reception of a hundred minors following a Franco-German proposal last week does not go far enough.

According to German media, the Chancellor pleaded during a meeting of the authorities of her party for the transfer of other migrants to Germany.

Asked at a press conference Monday, September 14, Angela Merkel refused to put forward a figure and repeated like other Christian Democrat officials that a German rider alone was not possible.

Everyone knows that the European Union's migration policy cannot be regulated by Germany alone

," said the German Chancellor


But our country because of its importance can certainly play an important role in finding a European solution


Angela Merkel supported the proposal to turn

Moria camp into

a reception center jointly managed by Greece and the European Union.

A step which would constitute for the Chancellor a step towards a migration policy common to the 27. She added that the situation which prevailed in the camp until now was not " 




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