China News Service, September 15th, a comprehensive report, on the 13th, US President Trump ignored the epidemic prevention regulations and held the first indoor rally in Nevada for several months. Thousands of people attended, most of whom did not wear masks.

The governor of Nevada criticized Trump's move as "reckless and selfish."

On the other hand, polls in some battlefield states show that Trump's election is not optimistic.

Data map: US President Trump.

  On the 13th, Trump went to a machinery company plant in Henderson, Nevada, to hold a rally. Thousands of people participated in the election rally that night, most of whom did not wear masks, which might worsen the local epidemic.

  In the evening, the governor of the state, Sisolak, accused Trump of putting his life in danger by “reckless and selfish behavior”.

The Henderson City Government’s statement also stated that officials warned event organizers in writing and verbally that they must obey the governor’s instructions, which included gathering no more than 50 people, wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

  Sisolak said: "This is an insult to every Nevada who obeys instructions, makes sacrifices, and puts neighbors in front of him. It is also a direct threat to all our recent progress and may set us back."

  On the other hand, Trump held a campaign in Arizona on the 14th local time.

A recent poll conducted by Phoenix OH Predictive Insights shows that in a state that has not voted for the Democratic presidential candidate for more than 20 years, the Democratic presidential candidate Biden leads the state with a 52% to 42% advantage. Trump.

According to a poll released by CBS on the 13th, Biden's lead in the state is 47% to 44%.

  In addition, the election in Florida, a key swing state, is also eye-catching. At present, Trump and the Democratic presidential candidate Biden have similar approval ratings.

Former New York Mayor Bloomberg decided to spend at least $100 million to help Biden specialize in Florida.

Bloomberg’s advisers described the money as enabling “Biden’s campaign team to invest more money in other key states such as Pennsylvania, which is crucial to Biden’s victory”.