Today, Sofie lives in an HVB home far from her foster parents, friends and school.

She has not met those she calls mom and dad in six months.

Lawyer UllaBella af Klercker has appealed the case all the way to the Supreme Administrative Court, and hopes that it will be a pilot case to try the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

With the help of a power of attorney from Sofie, she tries to become her public assistant.

- She says "I do not want to stay in this place", then the social services say that "you do not need a lawyer".

Then she is completely lawless, how should a child be able to find out from this situation if she does not get a lawyer?

SVT Nyheter has asked those responsible for the social services in Borlänge municipality to respond to the information and they answer that they do not want to comment on individual cases.

Footnote: Sofie is actually called something else. 

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