When Dallas Stars play hockey, the going is like in Megavisa.

It’s almost impossible to predict what kind of Stars will cringe on tonight too.

Sometimes Dallas has played scorched country pirate hockey, sometimes their feet have stayed at the hotel.

Sometimes we go for a million, sometimes we close the hatches.

Or at least let's try.

Pointless goal celebrations, zero zeros - everything has been seen in these playoffs.

No other team has played as variedly.

The action raises eyebrows, but there is certainly no reason for any kind of contempt.

The style can be discussed, but on the results side, Texas Star Cream’s performance has been remarkable.

The team is five wins away from the Stanley Cup.

Dallas is an absolute specialty of spring in its style of play and, from a European perspective in particular, quite a revelation.

But at the same time, Dallas is a classic NHL.

Total NHL Forever explains why.

Good morning, judges?

How long will the wailing farce continue?

(start of program)

Tampa Bay Lightning v New York Islanders (time 6.14)

Terms for handout: winning against “playing well” (in time 23.27)

Dallas Stars Flying Hockey Circus (in 32.22)

The Fading Knights of Vegas?

(at 46.30)

The program will be delivered in the familiar way by Tuomas Nyholm, host of C More's league broadcasts, and Sami Hoffrén, IS's hockey journalist.

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