Five days after the fires which destroyed the largest camp for asylum seekers in Greece, on the island of Lesbos, 12,000 people find themselves in a precarious situation.

The construction of a new camp by the Greek authorities is not welcomed neither by the exiles, who want to leave the island, nor by the inhabitants.

They tell Europe 1. 


Five days after the fires that ravaged the Moria camp on the island of Lesbos in Greece, nearly 12,000 people are in a situation of absolute precariousness.

In the world's largest asylum seekers camp, which housed 4,000 children, refugees sleep outside, often without food, without medical care.

Faced with the emergency, the Greek government, which is increasing calls for help to the European Union, has set up a temporary camp near the old one.

A solution that satisfies neither the exiles, nor the locals, in the dead end. 

A prison-like camp

The new camp is located around a former military base surrounded by barbed wire, by the sea. Here, there are no makeshift huts but hundreds of white tents lined up while soldiers keep watch.

Refugees do not rush to settle there.

"Me with my family, I prefer to die outside", confides Dadi, Congolese.

"It's a closed camp like a prison, we are not criminals. If you go there, there is no way out." 

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Thousands of refugees are still crowded on the road.

The promise of living to be sheltered in more dignified conditions will not change their minds: most want to leave the island.

"It will be the same as before! I did not come here to stay in Greece", implores Samira, a young Afghan man.

"I want to go to Germany, I have family there! I just want my freedom, to be free, please! Let me out!"

"This is not the solution"

From the town's marina, the inhabitants watch, helplessly, the movement of refugees to this new camp.

"This is not the solution," regrets Anna.

"Building a camp like that didn't work! The refugees want to leave, find a job, a house! And we locals, we want to be safe, to get our life back. It's dangerous, and for everyone !"

She is sure, the exiles burned the old camp, "they will undoubtedly do the same with the new".