Windows 10, like its predecessor, includes many programs that you may never use.

They would be nice to remove even to get extra space, but it is not always possible.

For example, you can't uninstall the Edge web browser, nor can the My Phone app, which connects your smartphone to Windows.

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Windows Latest write reasons.

Ultimately, the point is that some programs are so tightly tied to other parts of Windows 10 that removing the programs could cause problems with the functionality of the entire operating system.

Microsoft explains this on the Edge browser support page.

- Microsoft Edge is Microsoft's recommended web browser and Windows default browser.

Because Windows supports applications based on this web platform, our default browser is an integral part of our operating system and cannot be removed, Microsoft writes.

If Edgen were to remove, for example, a program purchased from the Microsoft Store might have difficulty directing a user to their login page online.

Unsolicited programs from Microsoft can be forcibly ripped off Windows using advanced user features.

IS Digitoday recommend trying them out.

You can break something permanently.

The good news is that Microsoft has recently relaxed its grip on pre-installed programs on Windows.

With the release of Windows 10 in spring 2004, it is possible to remove, for example, Paint, Wordpad, and Notepad.

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If necessary, the programs can be reinstalled.