Former Chairman of Nissan Ghosn Situation of related countries September 15 8:37

Carlos Ghosn, the former chairman of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., is also being investigated by the French judiciary, where the headquarters of the former automaker Renault is located.

Last year, an internal investigation by Renault revealed opaque payments to a distributor in Oman, the Middle East, and suspicions emerged that former chairman Ghosn would divert the company's funds to his wedding reception at the Palace of Versailles. However, Renault had reported to the prosecution.

In response to this, the French judicial authorities started a "preliminary hearing procedure" in February, saying that there were growing suspicions about the misappropriation of company funds, back office, and money laundering.

The pre-trial procedure is a system in which a court pre-trial judge collects evidence by listening to the circumstances of a person concerned and examines whether or not to bring it to justice based on the request of the prosecution in a serious case.

According to the judiciary, the trial judge requested Ghosn to appear on July 13th, but he did not respond.

Regarding the reason, Ghosn went through other countries because the Lebanese authorities kept his passport and the ICPO = International Criminal Police Organization made an international arrangement at the request of Japan. In that case, it is explained that there is a risk of being detained.

Judiciary officials also said they had heard from two Renault officials in early July, saying that investigations into former chairman Ghosn are underway.

Investigation in Lebanon is "pending"

Carlos Ghosn's escape destination, the judicial authorities in the Middle East and Lebanon, heard from former chairman Ghosn in January based on an international arrangement by ICPO = International Criminal Police Organization, which was requested by Japan. So, for the time being, we have banned overseas travel.

The prosecutor in charge of the investigation told NHK that the ban on overseas travel is still ongoing, saying, "In order to proceed with the investigation, it is necessary to obtain more documents from Japan, and the Japanese authorities. I'm asking you to send me the documents, but I haven't sent them so far, "he said, explaining that the investigation is on hold.

The prosecutor said French law enforcement officials would soon visit Lebanon and, with the consent of former Chairman Ghosn, a French interview would take place.

The Lebanese government has so far acknowledged that former Chairman Ghosn has entered Lebanon with legal documents and that there are no legal issues with his stay in Lebanon.

In addition, Lebanon and Japan do not have a treaty on the transfer of the suspect's identity, but if there is a request for cooperation regarding the transfer of the suspect, it will be decided based on the law of Lebanon.

"I believe that law is respected in Lebanon," Ghosn said in a press conference, saying that the Lebanese government is unlikely to respond.

Carlos Ghosn lives in a prestigious residential area in Beirut, the capital.

A large-scale explosion on the 4th of last month occurred at a port about a kilometer away from the house where former chairman Ghosn was staying, causing damage such as broken windowpanes in surrounding houses.

At the time, his wife, Carol Najas, told Brazilian media, "We're okay, but our house is broken."

Nissan is claiming ownership of the house and seeking eviction, and a trial is ongoing in Lebanon.

In Lebanon, former chairman Ghosn was occasionally interviewed by the media, denying in a July interview with the Middle Eastern satellite television station Al Arabia that what was accused in Japan was wrong. "I can read everything in a book published later this year. I defend myself in this book."

Regarding the life that ICPO = International Criminal Police Organization has arranged internationally and is prohibited from traveling abroad, former chairman Ghosn said, "I do not think that I am trapped in Lebanon. 1000 compared to Japan. Double is good. I am very respected here and I can contact a lawyer if necessary. "

Ghosn escaped and helped pilots continue trials in Turkey

In Istanbul, Turkey, where Carlos Ghosn fled to Lebanon in the Middle East, seven people, including former local civilian airline executives and pilots, operated private jets to help former chairman Ghosn escape. He has been charged with the crime and is being heard in court.

At the first trial held in Istanbul in July, all seven people pleaded not guilty, saying, "I didn't know that Ghosn would be on board," but the former executives were bankers before the incident. The investigation revealed that there was a suspicious deposit of about 33 million yen in Japanese yen in the account, and the prosecution is pursuing it as a reward.

All seven have been released on bail under conditions such as a ban on departure.

Former U.S. Army Special Forces suspected of helping escape

An American arrested by U.S. law enforcement authorities in May on suspicion of helping Carlos Gone escape to Lebanon in the Middle East, and is believed to be a former member of the Army's special forces, Green Berets. Taylor and (59) ▽ Son Peter Taylor, 27, is currently in detention in eastern Massachusetts.

After the arrests of the two, Japan requested extradition under the "Extradition Treaty between Japan and the United States", and the local federal court examined whether it would be extradition. He made a decision to allow the two to be handed over to Japan, saying they were sexual.

Following the court's decision, the State Department will make the final decision on the delivery.

According to documents released by federal courts so far, former chairman Gone and his son Anthony told Peter Taylor that cash and virtual currency = crypto assets are worth about $ 1.36 million in total, about 100 million yen in Japanese yen. It is clear that the equivalent of 44 million yen was paid.