Last week, two Belarusian men fled into the Swedish embassy area in Minsk to seek political asylum.

When the men were not let in through the doors, they jumped over a fence and sought refuge in the parking lot.

SVT's correspondent in Minsk, Elin J├Ânsson, who spoke to the men, says that during the weekend they were treated well and offered a man and a room.

They state that their case will be discussed today but have no details.

- The ambassador came yesterday, today it is possible that something will be decided, says Vladislav Kuznetjik to SVT.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has previously said that the embassy cannot make any decisions about asylum.

- If you want to apply for asylum, you can apply for it either at the border police when you travel into Sweden or at the Swedish Migration Board's application units, Julia Eriksson Pogorzelska said earlier to SVT Nyheter.

Battered during demonstration

The two men have spent their days at the Swedish embassy reading, following the news and communicating with their family.

They have also had to borrow dumbbells and a barbell to be able to train. 

The people have previously told SVT that they were beaten and persecuted by security forces in connection with a demonstration on September 6 in the city of Vitebsk.

Many of the participants in the demonstration were arrested by the police and they say that they have not dared to return home since. 

They tell the news site that their families have been questioned by the police, but that all relatives are well.

According to Belarusian police, 774 people have been arrested, 500 of them in Minsk, since the demonstrations began.

But the number arrested is believed to be many more.