Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae, who had conflicted with opposition lawmakers with his remarks'You're writing a novel', explained, "It was a monologue, but I'm sorry."

Still, he said, "(Son's preferential treatment) suspicion is growing, but the biggest victims are me and my son."

In a questionnaire to the government of the National Assembly held today (14th) afternoon at the main assembly hall of the National Assembly, Minister Chu said, "It seems that the monologue speaker was turned on, so I am very sorry."

Minister Chu apologized for the first time in nine months after the suspicion of'Son's military vacation preference' apologized through Facebook yesterday, and today the National Assembly also showed a cautious (?) response to the answer.

It was a very different atmosphere from those that caused conflict with opposition lawmakers with harsh speech and high-pressure responses.

However, he did not clearly respond to core suspicions such as suspicion of preferential vacation for his son or suspicion of requesting a placement for self-deployment, and clearly stated that there is no intention to resign.

Today, let’s meet the National Assembly’s government question and video.

(Composition: Hyejin Jung, Edited by Seungyeon Park)