The start of the results list for the F1 race in Mugello on Sunday is a familiar read.

Valtteri Bottas placed second and was once again led by teammate Lewis Hamilton.

Bottas rose from the second square past Hamilton to the top spot at the start of the race.

Shortly after the start, the safety car came on the track and when the race finally continued, a mass crash leading to the suspension of the race was seen.

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When the race resumed from the starting grid after the break, Bottas lost the top spot to Hamilton.

And in that order, Mercedes drivers also came to the finish line.

- This was disappointing.

I got a dream start for the race.

- I then lost my top spot in the second start, and after that it felt like there were no more opportunities (to win).

David Coulthard, who conducted the post-race interviews for the TV broadcast, asked Bottas what his goal is for the rest of the season.

Coulthard reminded that the Finn has been close to Hamilton in races and times, but still the point difference in the World Championship has increased to 55 points and the championship is flagging for Hamilton.

- I keep working and I try to get even better.

Yes, at some point this must turn out for me too.

For example, what do you need to improve?

- I've lost many time-tasking a few thousandths of this season.

I will try to get those couple of thousandths in my favor in the future, Bottas said.