The rains have whipped Finland particularly hard in September.

Hard rainfall readings have been measured in places.

September rainfall records are at risk.

- Many coastal stations have already rained so much in September that the normal rainfall for the whole of September has been exceeded, Foreca's meteorologist Kristian Roine tells Ilta-Sanomat.

He says many stations have already rained a total of more than 100 millimeters in September this year.

- This means that all-time September rainfall records could break.

Normally, a total of about 50-80 millimeters of rainfall is measured per month at coastal stations in September.

Now in many places it has rained so far in September a total of more than 100 millimeters.

For example, the all-time record for Hanko Tvärminne is a total of 134.2 millimeters in September and may be exceeded this year, he estimates.

Three days of rainy weather between rainy days

After all, there is a small change in the permit for a moment, because on Sunday the weather will turn sunny in the south and west.

What is the weather and rainfall for the next few days.

If you are going to go pick some lingonberries, for example, when will it work best?

- The rains will subside on Sunday to the east and the rainy weather will continue on Monday and still on Tuesday.

So according to the forecast, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are sunny days.

At that time, the weather is favorable for outdoor activities.

The warm air mass is quite close to Finland, in the Stockholm region.

The temperature in Finland can be highest in the southern and central parts of the country at 17–18 degrees, he says.

You can enjoy the sunny weather from Sunday to Tuesday until the rains return. Photo: Vesa Moilanen / Lehtikuva

Rainfall in the eastern and central stages of the country will recede to the east during Sunday.

After the rains, the cloud cover cracks.

There will be showers in eastern Lapland, there will be rain in western Lapland and in the afternoon the cloud cover will crack.

On Monday, drier air will flow to Finland from the northwest.

The weather is sunny and sunny in most parts of the country.

On Tuesday, the weather will continue to be largely sunny.

Rainfall is occurring in northeastern Lapland, clouds are increasing and there may be little rain in the southwestern part of the country.

Storm damage can occur

On Wednesday, Finland is again threatened by new low pressures and rains.

- A cool north current is coming on Wednesday and a storm in the Gulf of Finland area.

Especially the night between Wednesday and Thursday is very windy.

Storm damage could occur in the southern parts of the country, Roine says.