Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes, who left the pole position, won the chaotic F1 race in Tuscany.

The race was run for the first time in the history of the royal class on the Mugello track owned by Ferrari.

Valtteri Bottas placed second.

Third came Red Bull’s Alexander Albon.

Kimi Räikkönen was ninth and got his first World Championship points of the season.

The race was extremely dramatic.

Driving had to be stopped already in the sixth lap after two big crashes.

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As a result, the journey started again from the starting grid.

Bottas had been able to take the lead in the first start of the race.

However, in the rematch, Hamilton overtook Bottas again.

The competition was suspended again.

Racing Point’s Lance Stroll got a flat tire on the fast-paced Arrabiata bend and plunged violently into the tire ramparts.

Stroll's car caught fire, but the driver got out safely.

In the second rematch, Hamilton ran away from the others and won.

Bottas got a bad start and Renault's Daniel Ricciardo momentarily got past him second.

However, Bottas and Albon later passed Ricciardo.

Räikkönen finished eighth, but a five-second time penalty dropped him lower.

Only 12 drivers drove to the finish line.

The race victory was the 90th of Hamilton's career.

He stretched his World Cup lead to Bottas to 55 points already.

Mugello's race was in Ferrari's F1 team's 1000th World Championship series.

The festive race was sad for the Italians.

Charles Leclerc was eighth and Sebastian Vettel tenth.