Demands to punish a young woman who caused a severe outbreak of "Corona" in a German city

German Interior Minister Joachim Hermann


The Minister of the Interior of the German state of Bavaria, Joachim Hermann, has demanded that the cause of a severe outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic be punished in the city of Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the state of southern Germany.

In statements to the German newspaper "Munchner Mercur" published on Monday, Hermann said: "If it is confirmed that the woman deliberately ignored the quarantine despite clear symptoms of Corona on her, then she should be punished with a heavy fine."

The minister affiliated with the Bavarian Christian Social Party added that “in the face of such a state of indifference, the resurrection must be made with a clear signal and a warning example stating that everyone must bear in mind that he will be subjected to heavy penalties in case he violates the rules in such an exceptional situation of the pandemic, and exposes him to others in danger. Deliberately".

For its part, the local office assumes that the outbreak of the epidemic is due to a woman who spread the infection significantly, and it is believed that the 26-year-old woman wandered in different bars in the market area at the foot of the Zugspitze (the highest mountains in Germany), which led to the transmission of infection to many Of persons.

According to the office data, the woman was showing symptoms of the disease while wandering in the bars and was waiting for the results of her test.

It should be noted that a person violating the conditions of the quarantine in the state of Bavaria can be subjected to a fine of up to 2000 euros.

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