Alfa Romeo's F1 star Kimi Räikkönen published a beautiful picture with her family on Instagram.

- La Famiglia (family), Räikkönen wrote in a picture placed near Florence.

In the sample, the whole family of a motor athlete poses behind him a large window with a captivating view of the Tuscan landscapes.

In the comments to the picture, however, Räikkönen joked about completely different things.

The annoyance of Instagram, a bot account decorated with a picture of a little-dressed woman, had commented on the picture in Finnish: - I really like bald men.

The Finnish driver responded to the bot by filling in his account with his physics coach Mark Arnall.

This allows Arnall to see a message about the preferences of the bot account if he wishes.

The trick of Räikkönen’s joke is that Arnall is bald.

The warm squeak did not go unnoticed by the followers.

Hundreds commented on the thread with a laugh.

Today, Sunday, Räikkönen will drive the F1 race on the Mugello track in the metropolitan area of ​​Florence.

Räikkönen will start in the 13th square for the competition starting at 16.10.

Mugello is an important place for Räikkönen's career.

He drove his first F1 tests on a Ferrari-owned track exactly 20 years ago.

Back then, the driver was Sauber.