China News Service, September 13th. According to Euronet citing EUN News Agency, on the 12th local time, an explosion occurred in a residential building in the urban area of ​​Milan, Italy, causing at least 8 people to be injured, of which 1 was seriously injured.

Currently, the police are investigating the specific cause of the accident, and the Milan city government has arranged temporary housing for the affected residents.

  According to the report, at 7 am local time on the 12th, a 9-story residential building near Libya Square in the city of Milan caught fire and exploded, causing severe burns to a 30-year-old man and at least 7 residents injured to varying degrees.

  The explosion also caused varying degrees of damage to 8 floors of residential buildings, and the construction facilities on 3 floors were severely damaged.

After the accident, the fire police and ambulance personnel rushed to the scene for rescue, and a large number of police officers blocked the explosion area for alert.

  Maurizio Pendini, a police officer of the Milan Fire Police Force, said that the explosion was probably caused by a leak in a natural gas pipeline.

At present, the gas delivery system leading to the explosive residential building area has been shut down, and fire officers are further investigating whether there are other safety hazards.

  Pendini said that after the fire was extinguished, the fire and safety departments detected that the explosion had caused serious structural damage to the building.

The security department has officially announced that the residential building where the explosion occurred is a dangerous building, and no one will be allowed to live in the residential building until it is rebuilt.

  Cristiano Cozi, head of the Emergency Civil Defense Bureau of Milan, said that the explosion affected approximately more than 50 households, and the specific damage is still under investigation.

At present, the city government has arranged hotels as temporary residences for the affected residents.

Regarding the future residential and residential building reconstruction of the affected residents, the Milan City Government will study specific solutions to help the people return to their homes as soon as possible.