Tampereen Pyrinna's Maria Huntington's season ended just before her time in the Finnish Championships in Athletics in Kotka on Saturday, when she was unable to run her share in the instant final.

The exchange with Lotta Harala went well, but the baton slipped from Huntington's hand and Pyrinto's message remained.

- Wet stick but slipped out of my hand.

There's nothing right, Huntington said.

Enjoying a good team spirit in his main sport match, Huntington came with a “motivated feel” to end his summer race season with messages.

- There are these variations.

A little different experience.

There is a nice team spirit here.

Huntington hasn’t yet had time to fully go through last season’s offering, but the biggest joy is coming soon.

- All the individual species went a leap forward, that was a good thing.

The standstill was what didn’t work out, Huntington says.

Plans for the coming season will largely depend on Huntington as to whether the Olympics will be held.

That, of course, he hopes for, but the new training season will start in early October anyway.

- Nice new patterns coming, nice to start the training season, Huntington says with a smile.

In addition to sports, he has also started studies in Information Systems Science at the University of Jyväskylä.

- I'm going to study some in the fall.

It 's nice to do more than just sports.

I'm the kind of person anyway, I do not want the sport to be everything all the time.

There has to be a lot of other counterbalances, but so that the training is not disturbed.

On Saturday, the first 4,000-meter championships were handed out in Kotka.

The wins of the messages consisting of 1,200, 400, 800 and 1,600 meters were taken by Lahti's Ahkera in women and Helsinki's Kisa-Veikot in men.

- We have so many runners from one side to the other that it was really nice to get running, concluded Ilona Mononen, an anchor from Lahti's Ahkera.