China News Service, September 12, according to the "Central News Agency" report, on the 11th local time, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) stated that it would review Boeing's proposal against the 737MAX crew at London Gatwick Airport on the 14th. The training program means that this model is one step closer to the go-around.

Data map: Boeing 737MAX aircraft.

  According to reports, the joint assessment will last for 9 days, and the participants will include aviation officials and crew members from the United States, Canada, Brazil and the European Union.

  The Federal Aviation Administration also stated that there are other steps that need to be completed before the 737MAX goes around, including review operations, to ensure that Boeing's adjustments to the aircraft comply with safety regulations.

  A Boeing spokesperson said that the company expects to obtain approval from the competent authority to resume delivery of new 737 MAX aircraft in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Due to the need to complete maintenance and meet crew training requirements, airlines may have to wait a while before they can use the 737MAX.

  On October 29, 2018, an Indonesian Lion Air Boeing 737MAX 8 passenger plane flew from Jakarta to Bangka Penang Port and crashed into the sea near West Java Province 13 minutes after takeoff. The accident killed 189 people.

In March 2019, an Ethiopian Airlines plane of the same model carrying 157 people crashed near the town of Debresett in the country.

After the air crash, about 20 countries banned this type of aircraft from flying over the airspace, and many airlines grounded Boeing 737MAX aircraft.