, September 11, according to the US Chinese website, on the 10th, Democrats in the U.S. Senate blocked the new version of the new crown bailout bill proposed by the Republican Party, and the next round of bailout plans fell into a serious deadlock.

It is said that this bill is called a "thin version" of the bill. Compared with the $3 trillion stimulus plan proposed by the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives, the bill is estimated to be worth about $500 billion.

Data map: United States Capitol.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Sha Hanting

 52 to 47 votes did not reach the pass threshold

  According to the report, on the 10th local time, the Senate voted on the bailout bill proposed by the Republican Party. The result was 52 votes in favor and 47 votes against, failing to reach the 60 votes threshold required for procedural voting.

  According to the bill announced by the Senate Majority Leader McConnell earlier this week, it includes an additional federal unemployment benefit of $300 a week before the end of 2020 to provide for the new round of compensation plan (PPP) Funds and provide schools and companies with liability protection from lawsuits related to the new crown virus.

  According to reports, the bill also includes US$105 billion needed to provide schools with resumption of classes, another US$16 billion for COVID-19 testing, and the exemption of USPS’s US$10 billion loan to be converted into grants.

  McConnell’s office did not announce the total expenditure of the upcoming bill, but it is roughly estimated to be worth about $500 billion, about half of the $1 trillion plan announced by the Republican Party in July.

On June 17, local time, outside the Kentucky State Capitol, thousands of Americans who were unemployed during the epidemic lined up to enter the building.

 The two parties are deeply divided

  Prior to the vote on the 10th, McConnell and Schumer, the leader of the Senate minority party, had a fierce confrontation.

  McConnell called Schumer's strategy for the new crown bill "malicious", saying that it cares more about politics than helping American families.

Schumer shot back that the vote was "meaningless" and the Republican bill was "weak."

  It is also reported that U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and Schumer and Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi have great concerns on the total value of the bill and major policy issues including unemployment insurance and more funding for state and local governments. Disagreement.

  Pelosi upheld the Democratic Party’s negotiating position at a press conference on the 10th.

After the House of Representatives passed a bill worth about $3 trillion, the Democrats proposed to cut the budget to $2.2 trillion.

  She said, "When we are faced with a huge problem, don't use a thin bill to solve it."