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N. Bonzom / Maxele Presse

On Tuesday, a 17-year-old teenager was arrested, suspected of engaging in rodeos in front of a high school in the Chamberte district, in Montpellier (Hérault), aboard a car, learned

20 Minutes

from the police.

A little earlier, the police had been informed that a vehicle had been seen driving at high speed, on several occasions, in front of the school, sometimes taking prohibited directions and using its handbrake.

Already known to the police

A crew of police officers was dispatched to the scene, and when the car arrived, one of them signaled the driver to stop his mad rush.

The teenager is then suspected of having refused to comply, forcing the policeman to step aside to avoid being run over.

Supported, the teenager, who was carrying two passengers, will eventually stop a little further.

The suspect, who did not, given his young age, not hold a driving license, allegedly explained to the police that he had not seen them.

The teenager will soon have to explain himself to justice.

Moreover, the very afternoon of his arrest, the suspect, already known to the police, was expected before a children's judge, for acts of degradation, say the police.


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