China News Service, September 11th. According to a report by, the deadline for the 2020 census is getting closer and the response rate of downtown Flushing, New York is only 38.5%, which is much lower than the city's 59.9%. The Asian Equality Association ( AAFE) and city councilman Gu Yaming joined the charity relief organization ICNA Relief in a food distribution event held in Flushing on the 9th, emphasizing that the census is related to the amount of federal government funding, and community food storage depends on federal funding, based on Flushing food storage needs during the epidemic Great, urge people to hurry up and complete the census.

  Jennifer Sun, the co-administrative director of the Asia Pacific Association, said that the Asia Pacific Association has been serving the community for a long time. They deeply understand the resources that the community urgently needs. For example, Flushing lacks affordable housing and urgently needs to improve public transportation, and access to these resources requires federal funding support. , And the federal funding for the next 10 years is allocated based on the 2020 Census data.

They hope that this event will go deeper into the Chinese community and urge the Chinese to hurry up and complete the census.

  Sun Huijun said that many Chinese misunderstand that citizens need to fill out the census. This is one of the reasons for the low response rate of the Chinese. In fact, as long as New York residents can fill out the census, it has nothing to do with immigration status.

Secondly, the census will not care whether residents are legally renting. The census data will not be shared with the Housing Bureau. Please feel free to fill in.

(Zhang Jing)