Lee Sang-jik Lee, the founder of Eastar Jet, who is controversial over layoffs, said on the 11th that the media's raising a problem related to his property situation was "malicious misinformation," demanding an apology and taking appropriate measures.

This is the first time since the company announced in June that it would dedicate its shares to Eastar Jet on the Eastar Jet incident.

Regarding the report that her daughter's living expenses for a year were 400 million won, Lee said, "My daughter reported her one-year living expenses of 40 million won." It was reported as an unscrupulous person who didn't even try."

He said, “As a founder, we have put a lot of effort into helping Eastar Jet, who are in trouble. Is it a rudimentary mistake or the product of a deliberate attack to drive him into an immoral person who ignores the difficulties of Eastar Jet’s employees? "I asked.

Regarding the suspicion of reporting property reduction, Congressman Lee explained, "The reason the property seems to have increased suddenly is because the standard for calculating the value of unlisted stocks has changed from face value to valuation value from June 4 this year."

As of the end of May, Congressman Lee registered a total of 21.26 billion won.

On the other hand, at the time of the 4·15 general election, the fortune was marked as 4 billion won in election publications.

Congressman Lee said, "The rest of the property is virtually all of the 32-pyeong apartments I have lived in since I was living in my house 20 years ago when I was working as an office worker," he said. "This is also provided as collateral to pay the levied taxes.

(Photo = Yonhap News)