The second rehearsals of F1's Tuscan GP on Friday in Mugello were temporarily interrupted by a crash in which Alfa Romeo's Kimi Räikkönen was involved.

Räikkönen and Racing Point's Sergio Perez hit each other on the first corner of the track.

Perez came from the depot to a bend, which Räikkönen was already praising.

Räikkönen spun on the sand and the front wing of Perez was damaged.

Due to the debris left on the track, the rehearsals were suspended with a red flag for a moment.

- I don't know what ***** happened, but the car came from the depot straight, Räikkönen commented on the team radio in a broadcast broadcast by C More.

According to F1's Twitter account, the jury will review the situation with Räikkönen after the rehearsals are over.

Although the jury says that it blames Räikkönen for the situation, Core's narrator Niki Juusela has already blamed the cause completely on Perez's neck.

- Amateur lips.

Not two words, complete stupidity “Checo” from Perez, Juusela comments on Perez’s lock braking to the number one bend.

Valtteri Bottas, the Finnish driver of Mercedes, kept the fastest pace of the training.

Räikkönen was the ninth fastest.