China News Service, September 11, according to the American Overseas Chinese News Network, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on the 9th that New York City restaurants can resume dine-in meals from September 30, with a 25% limit on passenger capacity.

Yu Tiansong, Executive Director of Flushing BID, pointed out that the news is undoubtedly good news for Flushing, which has more than 200 restaurants, and it gives restaurant owners and landlords a breathing opportunity.

On the other hand, the resumption of dine-in will increase the competitive pressure of opening outdoor dining restaurants.

  Yu Tiansong, executive director of the Flushing BID in New York, said that in order to allow more restaurants in Flushing to survive the epidemic, the business reform district actively promotes restaurants to open outdoor dining areas and provide epidemic prevention materials (PPP).

At present, nearly 30 restaurants in Flushing are open for outdoor dining. However, for Flushing, which has more than 200 restaurants, this is still only a small part. Therefore, the governor announced that New York City will open dine-in meals on September 30. The restaurant industry is undoubtedly good news.

In the epidemic, not only the restaurant operators are under pressure, but their landlords are also under financial pressure. The opening of dine-in meals gives both restaurant operators and landlords a chance to breathe.

Opening up dine-in will help restaurants, food courts and large restaurants that rely solely on take-out business to resume business, and will also attract more customers to Flushing.

On the other hand, open dinning will also disperse some of the customers who dine outdoors, putting more competitive pressure on restaurants that open outdoor dining.

  Fan Yuan, the head of Shanghai Yuyuan Restaurant, said that Yuyuan was the first restaurant in Flushing to open outdoor dining. The opening of dine-in is good news for the restaurant industry, but it is still very cost-effective to open only 25% of the restaurant’s labor and other costs. Hard to say.

At the same time, he is not worried about the increased competitive pressure of open dinning.

(Zhang Jing)