Mercedes team Lewis Hamilton is already leading the F1 series by 47 points ahead of teammate Valtteri Bota.

The Finnish driver is trying to make the difference smaller when the first F1 race in history is run this weekend on the Mugello track in Tuscany, Italy.

One way came to Bottas' mind when, at Thursday's F1 series press conference, the Mercedes duo were asked about their thoughts on a new race venue.

- I haven't been to Tuscany before.

I have really wanted to come here, so that I could visit and taste the wines, but I have not yet been able to do it, Hamilton started.

- Tonight?

interrupted Bottas.

Hamilton was momentarily confused by Bottas' suggestion, but then replied with a laugh.

- You sure would like it.

My results wouldn’t be very good then, Hamilton grinned.

Six-time world champion, 35-year-old Hamilton has been in a class of his own again this season.

He has won five of the eight races of the season so far.

However, the new F1 track brings a different tension torque.

- It's good to have new places.

Everyone leaves for the weekend more than usual from the same line.

If a driver or team finds all the systems faster than others and gets the adjustments in their bones, it can be an advantage.

I’m going to take advantage of that setup, Bottas commented earlier on IS.

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The first and second exercises will be run in Mugello on Friday, the third exercises and time trials on Saturday.

The race will start on Sunday at 16.10 Finnish time.