The heiress of the luxury brand Gucci has been sexually abused by her stepfather since childhood, and her family has revealed that this has been concealed.

On the 10th local time, foreign media such as the New York Times reported that Gucci's founder, the late Guccio Gucci's 35-year-old granddaughter, Alexandra Zarini, filed a lawsuit against his stepfather Joseph Ruffalo in a California court.

Ruffalo, married to her mother, Petricia, has been sexually abused regularly from the age of six to the age of 22, Zarini claims.

According to Zarini, Ruffalo approached Zarini's bed naked, touching her body, exposing her own body parts, and rubbing certain parts of her body.

Even though her maternal grandmother Palombo recognized Ruffalo's sexual abuse, she urged her to "keep confidential and not tell anyone."

Her mother, Petricia, was also aware of this, saying that she helped with the abuse, such as allowing Ruffalo to film her bathing. 

Eventually, Zarini informed his family that he would disclose the sexual abuse of his stepfather Ruffalo and file a lawsuit, but his return to his maternal grandmother and mother was a threat of "disqualifying the Gucci family from inheritance."

When the above became public, both Ruffalo and Petricia denied the charges. In particular, it is known that her mother, Petricia, apologized for Ruffalo's suffering for Zarini, but clarified that "the charges against me (for condoning and helping the abuse) are completely false."

Zarini explained that even if you win the lawsuit and receive monetary compensation, you will be less than the money you receive from your inheritance. "If I get restitution, I'll spend the rest of my attorneys' fees to establish a Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Foundation named after me," he said.

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(Photo = NYTimes website capture)